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Thought police

I'm all for things that make life better for an autistic person, and that these have to fought for in a less than perfect world. That's where advocates can do good.

However there's also what I would call a 'thought police' element centring round use of language, and how things should be approached,  that  is sometimes more about  dominant people wanting to control the agenda than something that is useful in itself. For me it can come over as quite  anxiety provoking ,intimidating and puritanical.

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Use of the word Neurotypical

I just watched a video on sociopathy and it referred to non sociopaths as "Nurotypical's"

Never heard this before,really never outside of non-autism really.

I could see  it used as non-ADD or non-schizophrenic maybe but non-sociopath?

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Questioning the diagnosis

Do you ever question your diagnosis? I read things from other autistic people and think 'but I'm not like that/that doesn't apply to me ,so how can I be autistic? Yet obviously someone thought I was for me  to get the diagnosis(social communication = classical autism level, social interaction=Asperger's level).

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Do you have issues with switching activities?

I know that issues with this are common for people with ASD. I am wondering how many people here have those problems, and how much they affect their daily life?

I have major issues with switching between activities, even if it's minor things that I enjoy doing, like going from scrolling on a forum to playing with one of my pets. It's probably one of my worst executive dysfunctions and affects my productivity a lot.

Whenever I go to change what I'm doing it's like there's an intense feeling of reluctance and annoyance. It takes me a lot to get "settled" into what I'm doing, and I hate disrupting that and having to start it over. I honestly could be content with doing the same activity all day as long as I enjoyed it. lol

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GRASP's new Autism Assessment Service

I just now discovered that GRASP (Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership), a non-profit organization founded back in 2003 (see history here), has recently launched an Autism Assessment Service, which is currently done via Zoom.

The latter surprised me, because I was previously under the impression that all autism evaluations had been pretty much put on hold during …
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Your favorite books about autism (or Aspergers)?

Yesterday I posted the following on WP, and I've decided it would probably be a good question to ask here too.

Are there any nonfiction books about autism (or Aspergers) that you think are especially worth reading?

I'm planning to create a list of books for a forthcoming page on my website. I would like to list books in all of the following categories (and perhaps others as well):

1) Books by autistic people.
2) Books by therapists.
3) Books about the history of the autism community and/or the history of the idea of autism and relevant sicience.

For categories #1 and #2 above, I am primarily interested in books intended to be helpful to adults on the autism spectrum, and perhaps also a few books for spouses/partners thereof. (I am less interested in boo …
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Autism/Aspergers as alleged next step/stage of human evolution?

I've run into a lot of gripes about alleged claims that autism, or at least what used to be called "Asperger's syndrome" is the "next step" or "next stage" of human evolution.  It is commonly alleged that neurodiversity proponents make this claim.

I have NOT yet run into any actual autistic rights activists or autistic community leaders who have made that particular claim, although I've run into a lot of complaints about the idea, which is commonly equated with an alleged advocacy of "Aspie supremacy."

So I decided to do a little digging to see who, exactly, is claiming that autism/Aspergers is the next step/stage of human evolution.  What I've discovered, so far, is not very many people who appear to be seriously making that claim.  …
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The autistic rights movement and severely disabled autistic people -- some history

It is often said, by people leery of the neurodiversity paradigm, that autistic rights activists have very little in common with the most severely disables autistic people.

I agree that the majority of people identified as autistic today  (including myself) have very little in common with the most severely disables autistic people.

But this was not always the case.

In the earliest days of the autistic rights movement, around 1990, "Asperger's syndrome" was only beginning to be recognized as a thing.  And "autism" diagnoses were reserved for severely disabled children.

Hence, most of the leading figures of the early autistic rights movement were NOT Aspies, but instead were people who had been, or …
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The 'political' side of autism

I'm very much a 'political animal' , but   the 'political' aspects of ASD  can make me feel quite stressed and uncomfortable.
I think it's because of the zealotry of some,not all, of those who self promote themselves as 'voices to be listened to' within the autistic community . There's a harshness there that makes me feel uneasy. 

There's also an attitude of 'What suits me and what I want should be the blueprint for all'.  It's the same with  mental health groups and service users on those .

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Too smart to be this stupid

I suspect most of you have been told something like this. It seems people assume that being intellectually or verbally intelligent automatically comes with a certain degree of competence in what I see as unrelated areas, like emotional intelligence for instance.

It doesn't work that way for me though, and I can act like a complete idiot sometimes in areas that people assume even a child can handle. What annoys me the most is how when faced with such discrepancies, most assume you're being lazy, difficult or disingenuous right off the bat. It's rather rare for people to give you the benefit of a doubt and try to explain and teach you instead.

Not all NTs are quite as well rounded either, I've met plenty of highly intelligent people with low emotional intelligence or terrible life skills that weren't on the spectrum; maybe it's more pron…

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