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Neurodivergent Clinical Psychologist

verityverity Administrator, Citizen
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I came across this Neurodivergent Doctor's channel and thought it was interesting.

edit he is a clinical physiologist and not a medical doctor. Whiel he technically doesn't claim to be an MD, and is a clinician this could be clearer.

Especially as the is some education and advocacy. I'm not affiliated with it.. Some of the topic are basic and have been covered but still import topics.

I think the idea of having more neurdivergenct doctors, therapists, health pros, etc is something that is important to best represent out interests. Of course becuase we are divergent our interest vary, but just to have that level of understanding that goes beyond text books.


  • darkcloak_dragondarkcloak_dragon New Member, Member

    More of them would be great.

    At first glance, this supposed doctor's channel does not look useful or trustworthy. The video thumbnails are full of fake, exaggerated facial expressions and mannerisms, a common youtube trick to get views.

    And worse, the content seems to be geared towards the wannabe-autistic, high-functioning-but-hate-functioning-labels subset of the autistic community. The subset that tends to be preoccupied with autistic social identity rather than dealing with the actual medical condition of autism.

    No name given for the doctor or his supposed clinics. Targeting the undiagnosed and misdiagnosed. Suspicious.

  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen

    Well yes it is geared to in part moving away from medical model of disability which has historically dominate. Obviously this is a polarising topic, though there is a middle ground.

    It is odd that he doesn't mention where his practice is but that may be becuase he is an employee an not a partner and therefore there is some agreement between the practice.

  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    edited September 2023

    Ok you are right to be sceptical turns out you are partly right


    He is a not a medical doctor but a doctorate of clinical psychology and is a licensed mental health counsellor

    I personal don't have an issue with using Dr. for academic doctorate and he is technically a clinician where he is. I know many people have an issue with this but in fact this is an long established convention. I actauly think the use of the suffix MD or GP, etc is much clearer for medical doctors. Some medical doctor are titled Mr., Ms. and these can be more senior still.

    I think however the use the moniker "Neurodivergent Doctor" is misleading and he could be clearer in his bio. I don't necessarily think psychiatrist or physician are more knowledgeable on the subject, but clearly implying MD here.

    What I would push back against however is this idea of the "wannabe" autistic. While some people who suspect they are autistic might not be, those that suspect they might be should not face stigma. There are many adult who did not have the opportunity to get a diagnosis and it can be easy to write off challenges.

    We have different strengths and weaknesses.

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