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A curious thing?

Yesterday I had a thorough assessment re my somewhat poor mobility. One part involved having to make my arms and legs go floppy. I have very great difficulty trying to do that. I have no idea why.


  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    edited November 2023

    Could be muscle tone. Some us our natural muscle tone is more tense. This is nothing to do with body building (toning or definition). Musle tone is a spectrum.

    Interningly our understanding of how mussles contract is fairly new, especially the physiology on the micro level. Even cramps they don't fully understand what causes them, it is not quite as simple as saying dehydration, as they can occur without warning where the hydration and minerals are normal, with or without excersise they can occur in localised spots.

  • Hypertonia? I came across that trying to find possible reasons why making my arms and legs floppy is extremely difficult. But I don't see my arms and legs as being overly rigid.

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