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The First Introduction of 2023

pangolinpangolin New Member, Member
edited August 2023 in Introductions
Hi there, I'm Pangolin. You can call me Pango, Pang or any other nickname you come up with (within reason). I have ASD Level 2 and ADHD-PI, which very much intertwine with each other and are relevant in my day-to-day life.

I've always been interested in forums over social media as I dislike media-heavy platforms. Reddit was about the closest to a major social media platform that appealed to me but unfortunately the ratio of discussions and media can greatly vary by subreddit. I was worried that the active forum for autistic people would only be very dated ones but I fortunately stumbled upon here. I've noticed an overall dislike of Wrong Planet though I don't know the context of it, so it would be appreciated if anyone can explain why that is.

Aside from that, I hope that we're able to cooperate with each other and that my time here will be pleasant.


  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    Welcome Pang.

    I'm also not a social media fan.
  • pangolinpangolin New Member, Member
    Hi Verity, it's good to meet you. Are you the sole administrator of the forums or are there other admins present?
  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    I'm the technical admin. We have another non-technical admin.
  • pangolinpangolin New Member, Member
    That's good to hear. Is there a private messaging feature on this forum? At the moment you're the first user I've spoken to and the most active one, and I would like to have individual conversations from time-to-time for both casual and site-related matters.

    I have not seen a platform like this for the autism community before and I find myself greatly invested in the maintenance of this forum.
  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    You can contact the team here.

    If is not something you wish to share here

    Currently new member don't get access to PMs, this a spam/scam/flooding/vandalism protection.

    It goes
    New Member

    Membership take a minimum of 2 day and 3 discussion and 10 Comment and an overall  post count of 10

    You will then be able to insert links, and media.

    Citizenship take minimum of 10 days, 4 discussions 36 comment and total post count of 40.

    We may use discretion after a little while, but it is s a strategy that has largely worked.

    Bare in mind we will likely be simplifying this soon, I plan to upgrade the forum and also editor. However we are all volunteer here an nobody is full time.
  • pangolinpangolin New Member, Member
    I will keep that in mind for any private support enquiries. Aside from that, I am more than fine to wait out the membership requirements.

    Bare in mind we will likely be simplifying this soon, I plan to upgrade the forum and also editor. However we are all volunteer here an nobody is full time.

    What upgrades do you have in mind? Assuming that they don't need to be confidential for whatever reason.

  • Statest16Statest16 Citizen, Mentor
    Welcome aboard
  • pangolinpangolin New Member, Member
    Thank you! It's nice to meet you.
  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen
    Hi Pangolin and welcome, I'm the other non-technical admin 🙂
  • pangolinpangolin New Member, Member
    Hi Amity, thanks for the welcome!
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