Reacting to change

HylianHylian Citizen, Mentor
How do you react to change? Like, if your routines change, plans that are made suddenly change, etc.

I've noticed that even minor changes stress me out and overwhelm me. Something like having to work an hour earlier will stress me out for the whole day, or the order of things that I do during the day changing will make me worry. If I have something planned and anything about it changes or it gets canceled I also worry about that.

I ask a lot of the same questions to people in my family to make sure that things like plans or routines will stay the same, or if something does change that I can try to prepare for it. I get really bad anxiety if I don't know what's going on or if something is going to change.

I spend a lot of days really overstimulated because despite trying to be prepared things constantly change, and most things are unpredictable. Today was one of those days and it always leaves me exhausted.


  • Statest16Statest16 Citizen, Mentor
    Change is never fun but I have gotten better with it over the years
  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen
    Before I realised I was Autistic plus during the transition to allowing myself to just be as I am, I think I used up a lifetime supply of adaptability to change.
    My days were just as you describe, for me it was like being on a runaway train dealing with one mini crisis after the next... Overwhelming.

    Unexpected events, good or bad, have the same startle type impact, while my brain freezes, the world keeps marching on and it feels like Im just about holding on, hoping that my brain can catch up before another change comes along.

    Its easier said than done, but some calm 'time out' can help a little on days like this. Being in a stressed state of mind makes accessing the frontal lobe almost impossible and its the part of my brain that I really, really need to work in those moments. Its the only part that can help me avoid a shutdown when more changes come my way.

  • For me it depends on the degree and nature of the change.
  • darkcloak_dragondarkcloak_dragon New Member, Member
    My biggest problem is with transitions, switching tasks. Once I start something, I struggle to stop. When I'm not studying, I don't want to start; once I start, I have to really focus to pull myself away. I usually don't want to get undressed, but once I'm in the shower, I don't want to get out. The sensations related to transitioning between clothedness/nakedness and hot water/cooler bathroom air is a big part of the problem. When things get cancelled and/or I have to change plans, I do feel more upset than I think most people would. I feel disappointed, like I've lost something small but not insignificant, as if I've lost a few dollars.
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