How do you do with managing your finances?

It's my best daily living skill, but I'm not exactly a great one at managing my finances. I do have direct debits set up to cover essentials. My CC is paid off,in full, each month by direct debit. I'm not in debt, but can be fairly impulsive. I like to have at least £3k in savings, but I'm currently £1K under that.


  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    I tend to be quite careful, to the point that it can be difficult to make major financial decision quickly.

    Some people are motivate by not missing opportunities and sales, I don;t think that way at all. I see that as driving uncontrolled spending.

  • firemonkeyfiremonkey Citizen
    I'm going to have  to be quite strict spending wise, for quite a few months, to get my finances to where I want them
  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    Do you have specific dietary requirements? You can eat pretty cheap with rice an beans. Will a little greens and the odd bit of meat its doable.
  • firemonkeyfiremonkey Citizen
    No dietary requirements. I'm not keen on beans and pulses, especially lentils. I tried dried soya once, by making a spaghetti bolognese with it. It was absolutely awful. I will eat some beans and pulses occasionally, and in small amounts . However I couldn't eat a regular and substantial amount of them.
  • HylianHylian Citizen, Mentor
    I'm okay with finances so far. I opened a savings account recently and have started putting at least 20% of my income into it (though when my benefits kick in at my job and I have more things to pay like rent, car insurance, etc. I'm sure I won't be able to put away quite that much, I don't make a lot of money). I've been having to buy stuff for me and my rabbit Malo that my parents wouldn't get before though, and repay my aunt for stuff, so I've spent a bit more in the past month than I probably would have preferred to.
  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
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    There are often cheaper cuts or whole joint that will make muliple meals. Canned tuna is also good protein recommend it in water, but in oil is OK too.

    You can buy decent clothes in Tk Maxx / Tj Maxx becuase they are end of line.

  • Butterfly88Butterfly88 New Member, Member
    I do very well with it.  My mom has joked I should do her money I do it so well.  One of my strengths I guess.  
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