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Job recommendations?

darkcloak_dragondarkcloak_dragon New Member, Member
I'm barely able to do any work but I'm trying because I was denied disability and have very low income. I have a STEM degree, I'm a good writer, I'm great with computers, and I have experience editing and tutoring college-level math. However, I can't handle any noise (or listening) beyond being in an empty room, commuting exhausts me, I can work only a few hours per week, and I can't deal with people unless they are infants (although I could handle a few notes/emails per day communication with co-workers). I think my job counselor has no idea how to help me.

Any suggestions? I have worked freelance from home before, but I couldn't handle the stress of continually finding and communicating with new clients and continually starting brand new work projects. Most of the work-from-home opportunities are basically scams.


  • If by "great with computers" you are referring to programming, "contractor" work in that area may be possible, or you may be able to find a company where you can "work from home" with minimal interuptions (although applications like Slack will likely be required) - "Great with computers" and "ability to deal with infants" also sounds like "tech support" could be an option :)

    Another area might be something like website development which you could do from home with minimal outside interuptions.

    Knowing which country you are based in would possibly help people give more appropriate suggestions, as what works\is available down here in Australia, may not be applicable for someone in the UK, for example.
  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    edited June 2023
    I'm a programmer who works from home.

    My best advice is to get some knowledge about running your own business if you want to work from home.  Check if there is any enterprise schemes in your area (some may be for young people and may be charities or run by the council). Working from home require a lot of discipline, which takes practice. People think it is something you either have or you don't but actually it something which you have to force yourself to do and develop.

    You will also need to work out your niche, if you don't have other means, it can take some time to figure out what will work to make a living and how you will fit into.

    It is literally taken me year to make thing work for me, and build up something that works.

    Another thing to figure out is how you will deal the social aspects dealing with clients, some technical some not. How are you on calls, etc. That is the think that has held me back the most. It is easy to think it is a very spectrum community but that isn't the whole story.

    Contracting is sort of in-between working entirely for yourself as a free agent and traditional employment. The benefit might be you get soemthign handle by them but at the cost of control, and also you don't have the protections of traditional employment depending on the law in your area. So you have to be careful becuase typically they right the contract, whereas if you have client you are initiationing thing and then thy can add in their conditions like non-disclosures, etc.
  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen
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    Based on your post, I wonder about online tutor work  one to one, something like this?

    Or is that also in the category of dealing with people?

    Thinking about your sensitivity to environmental noise... would outdoor work be an option?
  • darkcloak_dragondarkcloak_dragon New Member, Member
    I am in the U.S. I have programmed before, but nowhere near a professional level. I don't think there are any jobs in web development for me because I basically refuse to learn or use Javascript and frameworks (I do know HTML and CSS). And I truly cannot deal with any kind of customer nor find and manage my own clients. My computer skills mostly relate to using, installing, and troubleshooting Linux. I'm familiar with Windows and common business software like Office as well.
  • darkcloak_dragondarkcloak_dragon New Member, Member
    Amity said:
    Thinking about your sensitivity to environmental noise... would outdoor work be an option?
    Yes, I can work outdoors. I don't know where I'd work, however, because outdoors is usually louder than indoors due to traffic, construction, etc.
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