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Especially on Twitter I come across autistic people with very strong sensory symptoms. I struggle to identify with them,,but I'm not quite sure what counts as a sensory symptom.Be it hyper/hypo reactive. I'm trying to find a good checklist of sensory symptoms. Can any of you recommend one? I do know that I'd always though I had a low pain threshold. However  managing to do even a moderate amount of physio with what, 7 weeks after the 2nd fall, turned out to be a fractured femur/hip put paid to that notion.


  • HylianHylian Citizen, Mentor
    This checklist for SPD has a lot of different examples, including separate sections for hypo- and hyper- sensitivity.
  • ^ Thank you very much.
    becomes fearful, anxious or aggressive with light or unexpected touch-  

    Light tends to make me feel uncomfortable

    __ becomes frightened when touched from behind or by someone/something they can not see (such as under a blanket) 

    Yes, but may be due more to the schizophrenia.

    avoids touching certain textures of material (blankets, rugs, stuffed animals)

    Cotton wool!! makes me feel shivery. I avoid it as much as possible.

    is extremely fearful of the dentist 

    I used to be very fearful. Even now need someone with me. 

    is a picky eater,

    Like banana flavour,but not the mouthfeel of an actual banana 

    _ has difficulty with fine motor tasks


    may be afraid of the dark 


    has difficulty using scissors

    Better using left handed scissors, but far from good.

    afraid of heights,

    To some extent 

    may be fearful of, and have difficulty riding a bike, jumping, hopping, or balancing on one foot (especially if eyes are closed) 

    Couldn't ride a bike till I was 13.5. Can't balance on one foot for very long 

    _ loses balance easily and may appear clumsy 

    My stepdaughter has said I'm the clumsiest person she has known. Both my late wife and my stepdaughter have commented on the way I walk. Stepdaughter has said I walk like I'm drunk.

    has poor body awareness; bumps into things, knocks things over, trips, and/or appears clumsy 

    Yes,very much so. 

    __ poor gross motor skills; jumping, catching a ball, jumping jacks, climbing a ladder etc.

    __ poor fine motor skills; difficulty using "tools", such as pencils, silverware, combs, scissors etc.


    difficulty regulating pressure when writing

    Very much so 

    Stopping there as it's a very long list. It gives you some idea though.
  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    Very touch sensitive. Light touch affect me more than firm touch.
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