Autism Spectrum Conditions in Women

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The female phenotype of autism may cause a delay in diagnosis for autistic
women. Studies show autistic females may camouflage their autistic traits and may have
more mental health difficulties as a result. It has also been hypothesised that autistic
women might be misdiagnosed with other conditions. The current investigation aimed
to explore social and behavioural factors that might delay or prevent diagnosis, and
factors that may influence the mental health pathways to diagnosis for autistic women.


  • Statest16Statest16 Citizen, Mentor
    Diagnosis is on the rise on women but they still lag behind men,my Zoom support group is all male.

    I do think women mask better but I also think there regardless are less women who have developmental and learning and cognitive disabilities.

    This also must be remembered in the light of things like MS and Spina Bifida being much pro common in women and girls
  • There has been a large body of research showing that men appear more at the extreme ends in terms of cognitive ability. Whether that applies to autistic persons is another matter.
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