The shopping routine

Ever since Covid started my s/dau has done my grocery shopping. Added to that is a bad back that would also make getting round a supermarket hard. The routine is I do a list and send to her by PM on FB. She then does the shopping on Saturday or Sunday. This weekend she's gone to see a friend she hasn't seen for a while. That's good, but I'm now completely thrown re the shopping situation. She's said she'll do it this afternoon on her way back home, but I'm not sure that'll be possible. I've of course kept this to myself, i.e  not sent numerous messages to her. She deserves and needs quality time with her friend. I've done a shopping list, but am not sure about sending it.


  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen
    Are you saying that you are concerned that shopping for you would be imposing on her today?

  • firemonkeyfiremonkey Citizen
    I was getting anxious. Thought I should keep it to myself.
  • Teach51Teach51 Citizen
    Your s/daughter is very responsible so she will likely find the time to do your shopping  as soon as possible. It is very considerate of you not to disturb her with her friends, even though it is so difficult for you.
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