Saturday night study vibes

Here's a thread to gather people who enjoy studying on a Saturday night.

Or at any other time. Study whenever you want people!

We are the NDs and we are free to study through the night.

Through Friday night and into the weekend and right through to Monday if we so wish.

Gather hither & let the study party commence!


  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen

    It was Friday night for me. 💃📚
    Over the Christmas holidays I'm looking forward to online classes (but not quite studying), on Italian cooking and another gardening class on Masterclass.

  • Ooh Italian food would be fantastic fuel for The Great Minds of The Study Party. Would you consider being the resident chef?

  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen

    We could take turns or maybe a potluck 😁?

  • I saw your comment about this on Instagram and came running over and made an account because I was so excited :)

  • Welcome, Unicorn! Study long, study hard, my friend.

    What dost thou offer to The Inaugural Pot Luck of The Saturday Study Party Society?

  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen

    Yes indeed, hi and welcome Unicorn, I hope it lives up to your expectations. ☺

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