Core Values

We, the Civic.

No citizen is above another, nor should any one citizen demand treatment, consideration or exception not extended to another. We are a community of peers where positions of authority are filled by volunteers accepting a duty assigned to them. Our goal is to foster an active citizenship by encouraging other members to act as responsible citizens and adhere to the rules set by and for the community. In cases where circumstances make a fair judgement difficult to discern, a council of peers will be called upon the make a ruling. Council members retain their status as such by the trust the community has for them, and a loss of the latter is a loss of the former.

We, the Civil.

Good manners cost nothing, and contribute to a comfortable atmosphere. That said, it is our hope to maintain a high threshold for genuine offence, as we believe the give-and-take of friendly banter is essential for a community valuing free expression. We recognize that some are more or less sensitive than others, such is the nature of our various conditions. But we hope that misunderstandings or unintentional hurt can be resolved between citizens without the need for outside intervention for the most part. No one is compelled to like everyone, or even anyone, but a baseline of civility is expected.

We, the Different.

We welcome all members regardless of inherent or inherited characteristics such as ethnicity, nationality, age, sex etc. Furthermore, we do not discriminate on the basis of having or not having a diagnosis, level of functioning or the having or not of additional diagnoses. We welcome those who are friends, family or otherwhise allied with and supportive of the Neurovoice mission.

We, the Productive.

Our goal is to promote the continued flourishing of the community as it naturally evolves and moves forward through future stages of development. We discourage adversarial relationships with other communities in the online and offline sphere. As individuals it is your right to criticise, but as a group this community aims to to support peaceful relations both internally and externally. We encourage a sense of kinship with your fellow members, contributing to the community in small ways or large, and to be present and participate in building a living community. Active citizenship is rewarded with privileged access to areas not open for less active citizens. Such access is earned, and can be revoked in case of particularly egregious misconduct.

We, the Freethinking.

It falls to all of us to help maintain an environment that promotes freethought, free discussion, freedom of speech and the freedom to express ourselves. Critique or criticise any idea, so long as the person presenting the idea does not become the target for your attack. We see a diversity of thought as paramount for real discussions, and as such we do not push or promote a particular view, nor do we suppress the views of others no matter how uncomfortable. That said, Neurovoice reserves the right to remove, without warning or hesitation, any content that falls outside the law and therefore threatens the community as a whole, followed by the immediate banning of the user in question. In special cases, such as hijacked accounts, an appeal can be brought before the council.

We, the Solidaric.

We seek to provide an environment in which our members can thrive, that fosters peer support and that is conducive to positive and nourishing social experiences.