The newborns in Sims 4 are useless

This title looks like I hate the babies, but it's the opposite. lol

The newborns are basically confined to a bassinet and can only be cooed at, fed, etc. and then the Sims just put them back in the bassinet. They're a literal object (if you move houses they even go in the families inventory!), instead of an actual Sim. You used to be able to take them out of the crib/bassinet and have Sims carry them around, bathe them in sinks, put them in a stroller to walk around, etc. in older games. Now you just essentially keep them in a room, alone, until they age up into toddlers in a couple days. I just manually age them up now because I feel super guilty basically neglecting an infant for days and having to treat it like it's not a member of the family.

I've heard they might patch the game and make it so the babies aren't just objects, but it's been years since the game came out and I have no idea why they weren't just Sims in the first place. The toddlers are so much better than previous games even though they had to be patched in (they were left out entirely at first), so it's just confusing that they completely nerfed the infants and never fixed it.


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    This is why I always instantly age them up as soon as a sim brings home a baby.  Alternatively, I enter edit household, mix genetics, and I create a toddler that way. Either that, or I adopt a toddler or a child. In the Sims 3, I would leave them as babies until they grew up in their own time since you could pick them up and do activities such as rocking together on a rocking chair. Whereas, I simply don't bother with the baby stage in Sims 4. 
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