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    Hmmm, what was it about, firemonkey? I'm curious 🙂

    I'm very busy right now and a bit slow to answer but I'm always interested in your topics. I like people who research and try to understand things 👍
  • How ones cognitive ability can fluctuate from day to day i.e lacks consistency. I've  had 3 attempts at a test created by a psychometrician of the type ' Which is the opposite of wild?' -1)c 2)t 3)z 4)f  or of the type 'Which is the same as napkin?'- 1)q 2)v 3)s 4)h  1st attempt -14th October 2020  111, 2nd attempt- 7th November 2020 135, 3rd attempt- 19th May 2021 157   23 questions -20 minutes

    Practice effect can account for some improvement i.e around 3-5.  With the 1st attempt I struggled to think  of possible words. My ability to bring suitable words to mind that would fit the choices slow as can be. My 2nd attempt the thinking wasn't particularly fast or slow. The 3rd attempt it was like someone had turbo boosted my brain. Suitable words were coming to  mind very quickly. I did the 20 minute test in about 15 minutes. 

    I'm interested in how consistent the quality & speed of thought of members here is. Whether such inconsistency is more likely to occur in an autistic person.

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    That's actually an excellent question that I haven't seen posted before.

    I definitely have fluctuations, sometimes during the same day! There are so many things that can influence my performance in either way. 

    I would risk a guess that most people have this, but it also sounds plausible that autistic people might be more affected by either internal or external factors. I'm more affected by my environment than most people and anxiety can sometimes paralyse my brain.
  • That's a good point about the environment.
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    That's a good point about the environment.
    I'm quite convinced it's going to affect people on the spectrum more. Light and noise can really ruin my focus quite easily, while others don't even seem to notice.
  • I do better if  there's no noise while doing such tests.
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