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Help me get my mind off this!

ClaritasClaritas New Member, Citizen, Member
I keep getting my mind stuck on how I was treated on Autism Forums, both by that one individual in particular but also by the mods and a few other people; it makes me angry and I can't get my mind off of it.

Please help me not dwell on this anymore!


  • Statest16Statest16 Citizen, Mentor
    I can't change your thinking,I would not know what to say.
  • firemonkeyfiremonkey Citizen
    Please don't make yourself  ill, because of  the faults of others.
  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    Negative obsession can be a issue, put your mind to something constructive that you enjoy.

    When ever there is a destructive behviour or negative thoughts that you are aware of, that awareness is the key to overcoming it. The very fact you are acknowledged it is not helpful is half that battle.

    In some respect human predicable, if we can condition ourselves though negative experiences we can condition ourselves by the insight we gain from how that makes ours feel. So each time it come up keep reminding yourself it is not doing you any good, and pull your mind else ware. Just keep doing it.
  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen
    ^I agree, its difficult to counteract the impact of social rejections, it takes a considerable commitment to recondition.
    Another aspect to consider @Claritas is I think ND people will have experienced a disproportionate quantity of social hurts, it amplifies our response each time a new one occurs.... You may be having a disproportionate emotional response due to unresolved hurts from the past.

    Perhaps the origins of the feelings belong with similar past experiences and this experience on a forum was amplified by what went before? To be clear I am not intending to undermine your feelings about this by suggesting there could be more depth to explore.

  • darkcloak_dragondarkcloak_dragon New Member, Member
    Try looking up self-treatment for intrusive thoughts. Also, take care of your health; I have found that thinking through things and reaching resolution is a lot harder with lack of sleep, etc. Lastly, try to figure out why the thoughts keep returning, and deal with that rather than the thoughts themselves.

    I wish I could give you some better advice; I have a similar problem.
  • BrictoriaBrictoria Citizen
    The best advice I can come up with is to hold onto your integrity - As long as you were acting\posting in good faith, there is nothing you should reproach yourself for. Sometimes you'll run into people lacking ethics\morals and the best you can do is to hold your head up and remember that the fault is with them and not yourself.

    If that person represents (admin\moderator) a site\forum, then the lack of ethics\morals is likely to be reflected in how the site is run and what type of person they desire to have use it, so you should count yourself fortunate that you have seperated yourself from it. Instead of feeling anger towards the individual\moderators\site that caused your issue, perhaps try reflecting on how fortunate you are to be removed from such "toxic" people\environment...
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