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firemonkeyfiremonkey Citizen
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Cancelled due to lack of response.


  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
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    Not every discussion is going to take off within one day. You have to give it time, and expect that some discussions will do better that others.

    We are all in the same boat as far as how we are coming to to this forum and interacting with others.

    We ask all member to approach things with a position of reasonableness. We are on an equal footing and interacting other purely in a casual capacity where no member has expectations placed on them beyond the rules. Most of us us are untrained and even those that are trained counselling professionals would not be operating under such a relationship here as that would not be ethical.

    Discussions that are journal based are different the question based discussions and people will respond or not based on what they feel they can contribute.
  •  It's a historical pattern,not just here but elsewhere too.I'm told to be patient and that people might be busy, That's usually blown out of the water by those ever so busy people having had the time to reply to others, but not me.I do think there's a 2 way lack of identifying going on here, that's not deliberate but is problematic. I can't get into a lot of the threads here, and no doubt the threads I start aren't exactly anyone else's cup of tea.
  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
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    I'm not going to convince you as I have already shown you actual statistics to the contrary. It takes some emotional energy to convince someone of something they don't want and not necessarily a good idea to labour the point when person is entitled to form their own view. I also don't consider that kind of discussion productive.

    I would also consider that what you want from others while it is human to want this you may not be giving the same same replies you would like to others at the same frequency.

    Nor should you be compelled to or any member for that mater.  We all have our focus and we can't necessarily control it at any time.

    This is a place where people can be comfortable being autistic, but being autistic means we aren't always going to be able to reply to every topic and that is OK. I'm fully resigned to the fact the support element of such a network cannot be forced and people will gravitate to what they are conformable with.

    Serious topics require thought, we are  not trained councillors but peers.

    A journal type post is difficult to know how to respond becuase it s not clear if the OP is looking for sympathy, shared experiences,  or some other input.

    On a personal note, I have difficulties composing, it take an inanimate amount of time to get my thought is order and that is if I feel I have a point to make. Only if it is a topic I have a clear idea of what what I am to say then I will commit it to a post, time permitting. 

    I saw your post, but I was not at point ready to make a reply sorry I'm not going to reply until and unless I have a really clear idea about what what I want to say and this may not happen.

    You have talked a lot of your health issues some of this I relate to but some of it naturally I don't. I do relate to health anxiety though and unfortunately this is not well understood by many doctors, fortunately they are a few that understand it as a potentially debilitating condition its own right and is compounding with other medical problems.

    Having said that I would continue journalling anyway, you post may be useful to someone at some point, people do reply to older post especially if they can relate.

    For immediate relief talk therapy and counselling can be very valuable, especially a more humane person centred approach. IMO of course.
  • I'm probably posting to myself here given past history, but here goes. Had 2nd endoscopy on Wednesday morning. No sign of cancer. Lower oesophagus - Barrett's mucosa and small hiatus hernia. Waiting for pathology results inc CT scan on abdomen and pelvis. As my mental health has improved , my physical health has gone in the opposite direction. I'm now taking over 71 pills a week compared to 14 15 months ago.  They're still not sure what's causing the mild iron deficiency anaemia.
  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    Do you get acid reflux?
  • verity said:
    Do you get acid reflux?

    I used to , rather a lot! Not so much with taking omeprazole. It seems that hiatus hernia can cause iron deficiency anaemia.
  • Things are more positive on the health front. My daughter  phoned up about things a couple of days ago. Something to do with the Barrett's was rather high with the 1st endoscopy, but somewhat lower with the second one. That's very likely due to the omeprazole having been increased to 2 a day.
    They're not overly concerned, but due to my age would like to check on things every 3 months.

  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    That's good the hear.
  • firemonkeyfiremonkey Citizen
    Very frustrated. My right leg has been playing me up for the last 3 weeks or so, to the extent I don't feel confident walking unaided for more than a few steps.
  • Teach51Teach51 Citizen
    Very frustrated. My right leg has been playing me up for the last 3 weeks or so, to the extent I don't feel confident walking unaided for more than a few steps.
    So sorry to hear that firemonkey. Be well.
  • Thank you.
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