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Walked around the perimeter

This afternoon I walked around the perimeter of this block of flats with the stroller-without stopping to sit down. My (s)daughter and gt grandson were with me. My (s)dau said I’d done well. It was maybe a 150 metres (rough guesstimate)
In the grand scheme of things it was a somewhat minor achievement,but I felt pleased with myself for doing it.


  • Well done !
  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen
    Nice one Firemonkey, its great to see you writing about regaining your independence of movement since the relocation to a ground floor!
    We often overlook what we percieve as our minor achievements, perhaps thats an internalised belief that we shouldn't recognise the difficulty that makes us the way we are, yet its more honest snd authentic to recognise them.

    This is something I'm trying to do more often, to pause and recognise my actual autistic progress.
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