Weaponized Autism

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"Weaponized Autism"
I just heard this term today(shows how back woods I am LOL) on a J.E Robison post on Facebook.

I guess it is used mostly by non-autistic people to describe non-autistic people who have stereotypically autistic traits (like work with computers or IT or communications tech stuff) and use those talents for hate,destruction,politics or sometimes even good or social justice.

The reality is most autistic people struggle to get by and don't work in the computer industry and work low paying menial jobs if they work at all.

It's sort of an urban dictionary sort of slur used by non-autistic people mocking autism as a meme.

Anything from hacker military breaches to putting child porn online with your ex-girlfriends IP address next to it, "Weaponized Autism" end quote etc...............

I'm not really sure how much at all it's used within the autistic world but people have always had a way of hijacking the slurs used against them so who knows.

I know very little about this and just learned of this today from a J.E Robison post but I thought it worth discussing.


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    It is from the lulzsec era. Most of those weren't actual hackers but used denial of service software, etc.

    The ones that did either weren't working  or worked in a pretty menial roles in the industry.

    that is not to say there wasn't talented people, but it is a very specific niche.

    In IT it is easier to break thing than to create something that useful and secure. 
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  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    A couple of those convicted did get jobs as white hat hackers after their sentences.
  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    So crime doesn't always pay until it does.
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    verity said:
    So crime doesn't always pay until it does.
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    I should point out that hacking doesn't mean criminal access to IT systems.

    What it actually means is using some IT system using usually software but could also be firmware or hardware in a way it wasn't intended. That is were the term exploit comes. Generally it is transformational. There are legitimate reason for doing this. Example GPU is primarily for graphics, but is is by virtue of that very good for doing certain simultaneous equations, matrices, etc.

    You could argue that Denial of Service on it own is not hacking unless the overloading of the server  results in some other exploit.

    The counter argument is Denial of Service is using the server above what configured or physical but that all depend on if the server is acting as designed.  It is possible that they may exploit  a bug such as a memory leak also a bot net could be from hacking. Most often social engineering is used to  deliver malware, but sometime they use an exposit and it is not soemthign you did. So germinally it is the means to the end not necessarily the payload or objective that involves the hacking.
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    Weaponized autism also mean a lot of attention to detail in a specialised area.

    While people on the spectrum have their challenges they can also be very focused on a speciality.
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    Oh ok gotcha
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