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Man with Autism suing Sainsbury's for not allowing his support cat in store


  • I'm not sure about that,but if it helps him that's what matters. I've heard about sensory overload in supermarkets before. I don't think my experience when I used to shop on my own  was sensory overload though. I just used to get overwhelmed  visually by the amount of items and choice. I think I'd be too nervous to take a cat or dog round a supermarket.
  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    Visual overload is sensory too. Choice is related to sense but could also be argued as a processing related. It all come under processing an is al related to perception. 

    I think this is an interesting case, becuase it falls between food safety.

    The issue with suing is if the Retailer is following the letter of the law he doesn't have a case. The issue is with the law potentially.

    The law allows for some support animals in a wide variety of case, but I'm not sure about this. On the other hand his solicitor wouldn't have taken it up unless they though they had a good chance.
  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen
    That might depend on how ethical the solicitor is!
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