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Aggressiveness and intolerance

There so much of it especially among those claiming they're not disabled/the ones that regard ASD as a 'gift'.  So many give the impression of wanting a fight for a fight's sake.It's very off putting.


  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    edited March 2022
    Often it is those that shout loudest that get heard.

    It gives the impression the reasonable people are outnumbered when they are not..

    It has been a problem in advocacy thought.

    The problem is the medical model of disability also has it problems. Some some of these people are misplacing their opposition tot he medical model of  disability towards those that need support and services which is stupid.
  • I think a socio-medico model is best.Much of my disillusionment stems from what is known as 'autistic Twitter'. It's the combination of 'I've achieved x wonderful thing 'while having the worst symptoms you could ever imagine',  juxtaposed with a high level of  arrogant & aggressive disdain for neurotypicals that I feel uncomfortable with.

    That's not to say NTs are beyond criticism, far from it,but you'd think NTs never did anything right which is simply untrue.
  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen
    Oh man, in general, I find intolerence everywhere, we, as in all humans, have become so fearful of difference.
    I feel this is the root cause of many toxic behaviours, eg the act of othering as a means to protect our sense of self, that identity many of us have constructed based on the messages recieved from an unhealthy society.

    I believe many of us on the spectrum are conditioned to have an external locus of evaluation, how could we not? I mean although there are token gestures to accomodate people with disabilities, the reality is we are expected to accomodate the status quo. People with disabilities are expected to 'act more normal' for the comfort of non disabled people.
    Perhaps I am just new to twitter and likely have a tunnel vision focus... lol, are these contentious discussions?
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