How many of you, who are level 1, have a carer

At my last care act assessment in May 2021 my (s)daughter agreed to have a carer's assessment thus making her my 'official carer'.
I'm thinking this might be unusual for those who are level 1.

Things discussed were poor peripheral vision,clumsiness, poor practical/technical skills/mobility issues and spatial perception.


  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen
    I dont have a carer, now.
    I estimate that if I dont have the supports I do now and I continue to burn out through attempting to function in a medical model world, I will need extra support in the future.

  • HylianHylian Citizen, Mentor
    I don't know what level I am since I haven't gotten diagnosed yet. :(

    I also don't have a carer and can take care of myself quite well.

    A Smash Bros. player I know about and who has Asperger's apparently has a caretaker. Before he mentioned that I didn't realize that people with Asperger's could need caretakers, or honestly that they could even qualify to have one.
  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    I would struggle having a care becuase very few people I like to be up in my business and 

    While I don't need a carer, I do think not wanting to depend on people has disadvantaged me. I woudl rather not have to do it, but there are certain thing in life you can't get done on your own are designed for social conventions.
  • I’m level 1 and I live in a group home.  Legally I’m my own guardian but I need help with other things.
  • At one point,just before I met my wife in psych hospital, I was at best a candidate for a group home, and at worst for a long stay ward. Without the help I get I'd struggle to manage at a sufficiently healthy level.
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