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Passing of Thich Nhat Hanh

This gentle monk has been, and will remain I suspect, a profound influence in my life.  He participated in the Paris Peace Accords, working to bring an end to the war in Viet Nam. He has written many books and established Plum Village in France. 

His book, Peace in Every Step, called to me from a bookstore in Syracuse, NY, 30 years ago or so. I’ve not been the same since.

I have been feeling lately the loss of so many great peacemakers in the last decade. These last few weeks Desmond Tutu, Thay, Edward Wilson, and several years back, Pete Seeger, who was perhaps the person most influential in my life from a very young age.

I am very sad.


  • I understand your sadness, It is important to go through the sadness and feel the pain. Personally I believe the goodness of the man will remain, in a different form of energy.
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