An update

Eventually got suitable transport to have the X ray on Dec 3. TUrns out I had a fractured hip of at least 7 weeks duration.So much for the Gp etc saying it was psychological. Admitted . Partial hip replacement on the fifth. Was poorly for several days,chest infection and pneumonia. I had to have oxygen. Now on a inpatient rehab unit,making slow but steady progress.


  • I am so glad you finally got a proper diagnosis and treatment. 
  • Sorry to hear you're not well, but I'm glad you're getting the care you need. Be well and I hope you have a quick recovery!
  • Statest16Statest16 Citizen, Mentor
    Get well soon !
  • HylianHylian Citizen, Mentor
    I hope that your hip recovers well now that you got surgery to fix it. I'm also baffled that they kept trying to convince you the pain was just psychological, it honestly sounds like a case of malpractice to me, especially since being sent to physio and having to walk like that could have damaged your hip more. Very negligent.
  • All I can say is gosh, the pain must have been unbearable. Thank goodness you are finally getting the correct treatment. I hope that you heal swiftly and feel better in every possible way. Your GP needs to be struck off, that is unforgivable negligence and lack of understanding, he just wasn't listening to you or giving you credit for enough intelligence to know if you are in pain or not. Unforgivable lack of empathy and arrogance.  In the future you must demand an x ray after  every fall, hoping though that there will be no more falls  firemonkey.💞
  • Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  • Thanks all of you. I tested positive for Covid a few days ago. I think a few others on the rehab unit have too.
  • Wishing you a very speedy and easy recovery dear friend.💞
  • Here’s wishing you a complete and total recovery.
  • Get well soon.
  • How are you firemonkey? Have you recovered from Covid? Still in rehab?
  • Teach51 said:
    How are you firemonkey? Have you recovered from Covid? Still in rehab?

    I was allowed home on the 4th,despite still being Covid positive. Symptoms were very mild.. All clear re Covid last Saturday.
  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    Glad to hear that firemonkey
  • Great news firemonkey, great news indeed.😊
  • HylianHylian Citizen, Mentor
    Good! I'm glad that you are better from COVID and got to go home.
  • The reenablement team stopped coming in about a week ago, because I'd been doing 99% of stuff for myself for a week or two. It was a case of waiting for a perching stool for the bathroom , and feeling able to use the bath lift.  I've had 2 baths by myself so far..

    The next thing is seeing if I can manage to get down the stairs. Physio will check on that

    On Friday I threw caution to the wind and had a go at walking unaided.(on hindsight not a wise thing to do.Several people said what if I'd fallen over). I managed about 30 steps.

    I'm now on a blood thinner as it was discovered in hospital I had atrial fibrillation. A search a few days go showed that it's more among autistic peoplr.
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