Yesterday's appointment with the ANP

Saw the 'advanced nurse practitioner' on Monday morning. She was amiable, but in an adult talking to a child way.I’ve had a lot worse from other health professionals though. Blood pressure was fine - 120/78. Heart rate up,but that’s normal for me. Pulse regular and steady. Oxygen stat was a little low, but that might have been due to how I did what was requested. I struggle with things like ‘Breathe in deeply’ and ‘relax your arm’ .

A lot of questions were asked. My s/dau pitched in . She mentioned my poor posture,having seen an osteopath, the very possible dyspraxia- which has been flagged/mentioned several times but never dxed.

It was seen that things had been rather neglected in that area. I think that very much relates to the much less than optimal care for physical problems that those with ASD/SMI/intellectual disabilities etc get compared to the general population.

She’s going to refer me to see a specialist in the area of things that were discussed.

I’ve had problems with balance,coordination gait,fine & gross motor skills for over 5 decades. My parents had me tested for the S word at Gt Ormond st London when I was 5/6. That was because my 1st school in Bangkok had flagged up problems I was having . Far less was known then, and no alternatives were suggested when S was rejected.

47 years of mental health problems has meant obvious physical issues have not been explored anywhere near as much as they should’ve been. That’s not been helped by too many GPs adopting a dull witted response of ‘It’s due to you being mentally ill’’ when problems were mentioned by me.

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