HylianHylian Citizen, Mentor
Has anyone else dealt with tics before? If you have, were they vocal tics, motor tics, or both? Did they get worse with stress, and did they cause you stress?

I've dealt with tics to varying degrees throughout my life, and recently it's become one of the more debilitating comorbids to my ASD/OCD symptoms. Mine are mostly vocal right now, which can be really embarrassing since they are higher pitched noises + I've started uncontrollably saying certain curse words (I won't say which to keep this PG lol).

I have a doctor's appointment to talk with my PCP about going off the medication that I think has contributed to making them worse, and to ask to be referred to therapy.

I'm interested to hear about other people's experiences with tics and how they've been affected by them + cope with them. Currently I don't have many coping strategies besides for trying to avoid things that cause me anxiety. They're completely uncontrollable, so I can't just resist doing it like I can with my issues with compulsions.


  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen
    I have to admit Ive little to no experience with Tics Hylian, Im trying to understand, so I will ask for you patience with this... how does anxiety affect you, as in what other symptoms are exacerbated by anxiety and how do you cope with them?

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