Doubting my diagnosis

Looking at the number of people with self mentioned multiple, severe, autistic symptoms on especially Twitter,  but also FB,  can sometimes make me doubt my diagnosis. I've no doubt that my ASD + schizophrenia has had a profound effect on me, but it's been more insidious than ultra acute.


  • Statest16Statest16 Citizen, Mentor
    Incidious and ultra-acute are more subjective material that objective diagnosis.
    Plus people on FB and Twitter are full of drama and are not always truthful about themselves,so don't let them doubt yourself.

    I left Twitter in 14' and have never gone back
  • I'm perhaps too truthful.
  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    I would trust the diagnostician more than a comparison with twitter.
  • @verity good point. It's especially so re sensory processing. I was given a checklist as part of post dx appointment. Mine are much milder.

    Disliking certain textures,squinting,poor eye contact,difficulty with eye-hand coordination, distracted  by glare,poor ball skills,Being clumsy/moving awkwardly, heavy footed,disturbed by repetitive sounds,speaking with a very loud voice, bumping into things,poor handwriting,dropping items on floor,standing too close to others,struggling with sequencing activities,initiating tasks,poor organisation,easily overwhelmed.

    Those are the  ones that relate to me. I'm actually not that sure about the list re those things being sensory.
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