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A Blazing Vacation

Like many others,  being unable to travel the past 15 months, has resulted in an urge to get away .

If the Canadian border opens (it is a month by month decision and the last decision was to stay closed at least through July 22) then I am throwing a canoe on the car and headed to  the wild river traveling.  The very last paddling weather in Canadian wilderness is early September.

So it is probably not going to happen as only 20% of Canadians have been vaccinated, according to NPR. 

I need a plan B. I have discovered two, non wilderness but exciting, possibilities. 

1. A trip to northwest Florida, which I have never been. It is very different from my location. I could rent an airbnb cottage on a river, do some canoeing day trips, do some hikes to some beautiful places including a spectacular waterfall and a dry cave, and rest in a beautiful spot. The downside is it will take 9 hours to drive there and that is a looooooong time for me to drive. 

2. Crescent City in northwest California. There are rocky beaches, tide pools (I LOVE tidepools!), redwoods. There is a little cottage with a beautiful view. Probably no canoeing, but I could pay a guide to take me salmon fishing and would be out on the water. Instead of driving, I would have a long series of flights, which are uncomfortable in a different way. 

I'm not looking for advice. Mostly just comments and things to think about. 

And also what planning are you doing for a vacation or travel?


  • BenderBender Citizen
    I cannot give any advice on location, but congratulations! It's the right decision, I've also been pondering on the best way to recover and recharge when things go back to normal here too. I'm all out of spoons.

    And you had to deal with a lot more lately than just lockdowns, so I hope you have a grand time, you deserve it (can't wait for pictures) 🙂
  • Teach51Teach51 Citizen
    I am anticipating magnificent pictures also. I haven't taken a vacation in many many years but if I did............ a cottage with a view of redwoods near a rocky beach would be just wonderful. I don't have the patience for fishing, I wish I did. 😊
  • HylianHylian Citizen, Mentor
    I hope that you have a wonderful time on your vacation, Blaze! Hiking and fishing sound like very relaxing activities. I haven't gone fishing before, but hiking can be so fun.
  • Crescent City is 99% guaranteed not to get hot.  At least 75% guaranteed not to go over 80 degrees.  Great location.
  • That is interesting information. I was wondering if the hot weather might make this a poor choice this year. 
  • I've always been interested in living in that region.  I keep track of the weather there all the time.

    Eureka, California is usually even cooler than Crescent City.  I very rarely see 80 degrees in Eureka; it's usually in the 60s for a high in the summer.   Same with Crescent City, though it's slightly warmer even though it's north of Eureka.

    Frost in winter is pretty rare in that region.  So is snow.  But upper 30s - low 40's for low temperatures is fairly common in January/February.
  • So, predictably, I am having a difficult time making a decision. ☹

    I pretty much ruled out California. And then, paddling yesterday in my tiny pond, I thought NO! I want to go paddling, a canoe trip, on the Suwannee River again. The later I had previously ruled out because it is so familiar and I wanted something new.

    So, yesterday I was geared up for the Suwannee River, and then today I am thinking, NO, I want to do something new. Although several people have supported the California option, I have decided (as of today, anyway) to go to the airbnb on the Chipley River in the panhandle of Florida. The panhandle is very different from south Florida and I have never been there to explore. 

    So, THEN, I am ready to commit to the Chipley River and thought, but what if the Canadian border opens up

    The border issue is decided on a month to month basis and I will know by mid-July if the border will be open in August. August is really the last month for decent weather. Last I heard, Canada had only about 20% of it's citizens vaccinated, so it seems unlikely that the border will open. 

    Now, the airbnb on the Chipley River has a very lenient cancelation policy, so I could make reservations and then cancel them, but I hate to do that to what seems to be a very nice couple. 

    Ah, HAH! All this putting words on paper and I came up with the ANSWER!!!!
    If Canada opens up, I can go canoeing AND I could go to the Chipley River, as the times are not the same. 

    My business might go down the tubes, but so be it. Life is too short. 

    Thank you, Friends. 
  • Teach51Teach51 Citizen
    Glad to be of help blaze! 
    All the options sound wonderful.
  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen
    As soon as lockdown eased we went away for a weekend to a coastal location.
    The view from the cottage looked out on a bay and it was so restorative to sit and watch the micro climate at work.
    Like you I wanted to go somewhere different and to engage actively with my interests... to feed my soul for want of a better term.

    It was worth it.
  • Sounds wonderful. There is something restful about the sea. I think I also like looking out and seeing all that area that has no buildings on it and no people. Just the sea. 
  • I hope you miss the severe effects of Elsa.  Looks like you might.
  • Just a lot of rain. 
  • Teach51Teach51 Citizen
    Thinking of you blaze.
  • After being quite sure that Canada was not going to open up their borders, Canada has done just that. Officially the border opens to Americans on August 9. 

    I will have to have a negative covid test within 72 hours of entering, which will be a little tricky to arrange because it will take me three days just to drive up there. 

    So, at times I am insanely happy to be going and other times I am at the bottom of the well, sure I cannot do it. the rollercoaster that is my life. :-)
  • You can take a COVID19 test specifically for travel in at least the larger cities near the Canadian border.  They cost like $200 or so.  If you could tell me where you are crossing the border, I could do further research. You don’t have to be a resident of that city/state 
  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    some test you can book them in a set location, other you pick up and return to set outlets, and there is also postal.

    I suggest searching around for an approved company that will give you 24 hour result in the right location along your journey.

  • Waiting with baited breath to here of your adventure blaze, how are the plans going?
  • Blaze is certainly excellent with a canoe paddle😉
  • oh, my plans have fallen through. 😟

    Canadian border guards are going on strike Aug 6.

    The shuttle service I needed to use is not available.

    Worst of all, I can’t reliably pick up my canoe.

  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    sorry blaze could you recover some of your costs?

    Would it be possible to vacation in the great lakes?
  • HylianHylian Citizen, Mentor
    That really sucks, Blaze. 😞

    I hope that you are able to vacation somewhere else.
  • I’m so sorry, Blazing.  I believe you were going to the Yukon.  Where is your canoe now?  Maybe go on a trip to Montana or Idaho?

    I should have suggested travel insurance for you.
  • I sent you an article.

    90% of border patrol people will have to work because they are “essential” workers.  It’s probable you will be able to cross into Canada.

    Where do you have to pick up your canoe?
  • What is the name of your shuttle service?  How far away is the locale where you pick up your canoe?  I might not know what I’m talking about…..but there might be a way to rectify your situation.
  • Thank you all. 

    I haven’t paid anything on the trip. It was just a drive up and then pay for the days you are out. 

    The shuttle is only run by SEPAQ. No other options in the preserve. 

    I meant literally being physically unable to pick up my canoe from the ground to my shoulders. If I can’t do that, I can’t do a trip with portages. 

    I’m not sure what I am going to do instead. Just letting the whole situation settle before making any decisions 

    thank you all for caring.  
  • HylianHylian Citizen, Mentor
    I'm glad that you didn't lose out on any money, and I think it's a good idea to take time before you think about what to do next. I hope that you have fun doing whatever you eventually decide to do instead.
  • I hope that you find some alternative that will give you time to relax and experience pure enjoyment. Covid is rampant everywhere now so that will certainly effect vacations significantly.
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