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Nearly had a meltdown a little while ago

After having my hair cut I went back to my flat. I tried several  times to open the door, but the key wouldn't turn.  I was getting more and more anxious. I had to make a real effort not to become hysterical. Luckily with the  next attempt the key turned.


  • Teach51Teach51 Citizen
    I always panic when there is a problem with my keys, I can really identify with that. Awful.
  • It's not helped that the artfone(big button, basic mobile)my stepdaughter got me for Christmas has stopped working.
  • BenderBender Citizen
    Teach51 said:
    I always panic when there is a problem with my keys, I can really identify with that. Awful.
    Me too. When I'm very very stressed or dealing with high levels of anxiety I see the wrong side of my OCD tendencies: I worry about losing my keys, credit card not working and all kind of stupid things. I say stupid because I lost my key ONCE in 60 years and my card has never been rejected.

    Which doesn't stop these thoughts from popping up: I always take it as a warning sign that I'm not taking care of myself properly.

  • Teach51Teach51 Citizen
    edited June 2021
    Oh that is a nuisance and stressful. Can someone help you get it fixed? My mobile phone is essential to my daily function.
    Again, I do recommend the breathing exercises I posted, when I am stressed they really work.
  • Hopefully my stepdaughter can help get it fixed.
  • I also panic when I can’t get locks to work.
  • Thanks all of you. I''m now scared of going out in case I can't open my front door at all. I need to get a replacement artphone, but not sure which one to get. Will have to ask my stepdaughter.
  • Teach51Teach51 Citizen
    Could you have your lock checked by a professional to put your mind at rest?
  • I could, but I live in a housing association flat so it might best to contact the H.A.
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