This has caused much hurt

I am well built & quite tall.I'm not too good when it comes to controlling the volume of my voice. I can be quite animated. That has had mh pros accuse me of being aggressive & intimidating. The ignorance & lack of understanding has caused much hurt. I've never liked being falsely accused.


  • Statest16Statest16 Citizen, Mentor
    I'm sorry you have experienced that.
  • Thank you @Statest16
  • Statest16Statest16 Citizen, Mentor
    Np my friend
  • BenderBender Citizen
    A lot of people are perception-driven and it can be very unfair. I hope you feel better soon, @firemonkey.
  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen
    Its a shame that we are so often misunderstood, Im not sure it bothers me like it used to, I've always been labelled as something or other, but in the last few years it seems that im caring less and less about how others judge me.

    I done a workshop recently where I learned that people often confuse their perception and their feelings.

    Based on your example with some guesswork for the unknowns:
    -You are perceived as aggressive and intimidating
    -What is the person feeling when they label you this way?
    Threatened perhaps?
    -Yet threatened isnt a feeling, it is a perception, what they may be actually feeling is fear, this fear doesnt belong to the interaction with you.
    It likely belongs to a time in their childhood when they felt fear, a small trauma or  perhaps experienced  something more significant.

  • HylianHylian Citizen, Mentor
    I'm sorry to hear that people aren't understanding, and that they treat you badly because of it. :(
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