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This is your place for ghost stories, paranormal experiences, and all things unexplained.

Scary movies can go in the "What are you watching" thread. This is more for personal experiences, questions, or opinions.

I'll start 👻

OK, riddle me this:

I was in my kitchen last night. I opened a bottle of cooking oil. The bottle was on my counter and for some reason I put the lid on my stove top which was cool and not in use.

I was near the counter looking past my oven and out the window. Not moving. Just standing there spacing out and watching the leaves fall.

All of a sudden the lid from the cooking oil flipped up in the air about an inch or two, and landed back down on the stove top in a spinning motion like when you drop a coin. I witnessed and heard the whole thing. The windows were shut, there was no one in the room, the lid wasn't oily, there was no heat from the oven, and it wasn't near the edge (gravity).

Also about five years ago I was standing in my kitchen a couple of feet from where this happened, and I was hit by a fork. A fork which had been on my countertop smacked into my chest and dropped to the floor.

Share your own weird story or try to explain mine.


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    Nothing personal really but New England has some freaky stuff.

    There is the Dover demon first seen in 1977 it's been on TV a couple times.

    There is supposedly a haunted house in Canaan CT where it snows all year round.

    There are the Gaebler childrens center and Metropolitan state hospital which are connected and supposedly haunted.Children were purportedly poisoned and burried in unnamed graves with a simply C for Catholic and P for protestant.

    Not far from me is the Hoosac Tunnel,a freight railroad tunnel bulit in the 1850's,the story id 100's of miners died and the tunnel is haunted

  • Yay thank you for this thread! I love spooky stories.

    Wow, were you alone when this happened? Maybe the house or the area you live in has a history..

    My experience was this: several years ago one night i fell asleep without taking my contact lenses off , and
    i woke up about 3 am, since my eyes got dry and i took them off. Just when i was about to sleep, i saw a silhouette at my room's door. I was still sleepy, and my dad would sometimes come to check on me at night, (he often falls asleep watching tv and goes to bed very late) so didn't pay it much attention. I asked "dad? " a bit sleepily but he didn't respond. Then the door of my room slowly closed.
    In the morning, unsurprisingly my parents told me it wasn't them.

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    I was alone in the kitchen last night. MD was upstairs watching a podcast, and her bedroom is not above the kitchen. My dog was asleep. It was a yellow lid on a black stovetop so it caught my eye as soon as it jumped in the air and seemed to flip over. Then the sound happened as it was spinning like a coin. Bizarre.

    With the fork incident I was alone in the house. I was about 3 feet from the countertop. The fork I had used and set on the counter smacked me in the chest and fell. There was nothing else on the countertop that it could have ricocheted from. If it fell off the counter it wouldn't have been able to go upward and hit me at chest height. No explanation.

    Weirdly, my daughter and her best friend had an incident in my kitchen as well, maybe 8 years ago. They were up late baking something and they say they both got a really cold scary sensation at the same time. They say (I can't confirm), they both felt freaked out for no reason and turned around to see some kind of black thing dripping down my wall, like a large mass of something jet black. It lingered for a moment and vanished. I'll ask her about it again. I suppose they could be exaggerating but they swear it happened and I have no reason not to believe them. Her friend is very religious and doesn't even believe in anything paranormal, but she still asserts that this happened.

    That's super creepy about your vision at the door. I'm glad you were OK and nothing happened.

    I have a couple more stories I can share later on.

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    The location of the kitchen might have something to do with this.

    I am looking forward to your stories!

    I also have another story, but it was related to a nightmare i have and sharing nightmares about those supernatural beings is said to bring bad luck. I am terrified just to recall it.

  • My father fled russian control and migrated to Australia. He was a passionate nationalist for his occupied country against the soviet union. They crippled his child through remote hypnotic suggestion to punish him. If my father had his way, he would have put all the russians against the wall.
    End of story. 😎

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    Never really experienced anything paranormal like at home. Even though the place is over 100 years old.

    Near home there's the haunted Rucker mansion on a hilltop overlooking the sea.

    I think the 100+ year old local theater is supposed to be haunted.

    The Oxford Saloon in Snohomish is haunted.

    Then there's the haunted hidden Maltby cemetery which supposedly once had the "13 Steps to Hell".

  • Any kind of strange or unusual "manifestations" seem to cease in my presence, maybe I chose the wrong profession 😛

    But after we bought the apartment and were there for the first time, an old lady came and asked curiously if we're the new neighbours. Then proceeded to tell us that her friend used to live there and she was the one to find her inside after she died. I had to make an effort to keep a straight face, as the story sounded so much like the beginning of a cheesy horror movie.

    The whole thing was even funnier in light of the estate agent telling us they had to give the place a fresh coat of paint because it looked like a "porn studio" 😲 We made jokes for years about the mysterious death of a porn star, but neither us nor the tenants ever saw the ghost, unfortunately.

  • One time I thought there were ghosts in my room. But they turned out to only be aliens.

  • Pesky aliens, acting like they're anything special.

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