Always compared to my siblings

I am the fourth of five siblings. Two are fully related siblings while the other two are half related to me. All of them are married, have children, and have careers. I am often held to the same standards as them and when people find out that I don’t have the same successes they do, their opinion of me drops down. 

It really hurts me that my siblings have achieved much more than I have. It’s true that they aren’t on the spectrum nor do they have dyscalculia and clinical depression like I do but we all had the same upbringings so why did they succeed while I failed? Why can’t I have the same things they have? 


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    I am the second youngest of seven myself with ages ranging from 40-65

    I get totally forgotten by my siblings,I swear they don't know I exist.

    On Facebook today my second oldest sister was talking of going to Seattle to see the other 4 siblings.
    In the last 10 years she's made the 3000 mile trip to Seattle a few times but not once the two hour drive to see me.
    I didn't un-friend her on facebook but I un-followed her,so I don't have to see her shit anymore
  • I stopped using Facebook primarily because I got sick of social media and how it didn’t improve my life but also because I got tired of seeing my siblings doing more than I have. 
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