My disappointing experiences with autism support groups

I used to be a part of an autism support group that started back in 2006 when I used to be a part of the MHMR. The people in the group were at various levels of functioning and most were not only reliant on their parents but were indoctrinated by mainstream Bible Belt Christianity and were not accepting of different viewpoints. I was forced to mask most of the time and I hated it because my authenticity was denied. 

I tried to be a part of another support group in Austin but both times I attended the group’s meetings were disappointing. There were only middle aged and older men the first time I attended and I was bored to tears being there. There was a sub-group for younger people and they would regularly do anime/manga meet ups. I suggested the adult group do something similar but they only replied that there were possibly adult members who shared my interests. However, I did not see them at that meeting and walked out of it after getting disappointed. A few years later, I tried going again. There were people in my age range but they had accomplished more in life than I had so I kept getting pushed to the wayside in conversations. I haven’t attended any sort of Autism/Aspergers social group since then. 

This is partly why I don’t feel like I fit in with the autism community. 


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    Like II have a million times,the south isn't working for you,you need to find a way to move.From your posts your family doesn't sound poor,so  maybe they could help you relocate
  • You’d think they would but they refuse to help me. My mother is paranoid I’ll either move into a ghetto apartment and get shot or die in the streets if I move out. My father is too busy chasing after women despite how he is married. 
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    Ok ok
    The ghetto isn't actually as bad as they say it is,you have to be careful
  • What disappointed me about the Austin group was that it was a dead end in its own way instead of being an avenue of possibility.
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