Do you still have a comfort object?

HylianHylian Citizen, Mentor
Do you still have a comfort/transitional object (a teddy bear, blanket, or any other item that you use for comfort)? Do you interact with that object (hold it, sleep with it, etc.), or do you just like having it around? How old are you?

I made this thread + the poll because I know a lot of people are embarrassed to have childhood blankets, teddy bears, etc., especially for comfort, but I've also heard that despite that a lot of adults still have those things. I'm curious about how many people here still have a comfort object, and also if they interact with said object. I've noticed a lot of adults prefer to just have theirs around, instead of interacting with it.

I personally still have a blanket that I've had since I was a newborn. I do hold it sometimes, and I actually need it to sleep since I've never gotten used to sleeping without it. I'm 20 so I'm still quite young, and while people my age can be rude about things like this and tease me, I've noticed that people older than my age group actively disapprove of it a lot more.
Comfort objects?
  1. Do you still have a comfort object?3 votes
    1. I currently have one.
    2. I used to have one.
    3. I have never had one.
  2. Do you interact with that object (hold it, sleep with it, etc.)?3 votes
    1. I interact with my comfort object.
    2. I just like to have my comfort object around.
    3. I don't currently have a comfort object.
  3. How old are you?3 votes
    1. 16-19
    2. 20-29
    3. 30-39
    4. 40-49
    5. 50-59
    6. 60-69
    7. 70-79
    8. 80-89


  • KaramazovKaramazov Citizen
    Yep, I have an old dressing gown that I cuddle as I fall asleep.
    Also have my favourite teddy bear from when I was little: but he’s very worn and delicate now, so he sits in a child’s wicker armchair that’s been way too small for me to use for at least twenty-five years.
  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen
    I had a teddy bear until my late 20s when my dog ate its face and pulled the stuffing out, honestly it was like a massacre, I had very soothing associations with holding it til that point... 😜

    Now my only comfort item is a tiny smooth rock which I stim with in situations where I need something subtle, I find it quite calming, sometimes also at bed time.

  • BenderBender Citizen
    Strange, my vote didn't seem to have registered 🤨

    Yes, I do this too, even at my age. I have a small pillow that I even take with me when I travel 😊
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