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Will I ever see my older cousins again?

I haven’t seen my older cousins since last year. They are either quarantining themselves or are choosing to isolate for different reasons. Even the one who I would attend along with his girlfriend music shows in Austin and even visit on my way back home from there when it was safe to go out and about there hasn’t even wanted to even talk to me. He won’t return my calls or reply to my messages nine times out of ten unless it’s to tell me he and Rachel have other commitments and didn’t even attend my birthday. None of my other cousins wanted to come down either. The same cousin also didn’t want to take me out to eat for my birthday like he and his girlfriend used to do. They also had a child together recently but aren’t letting anyone come visit, even my aunt who is the grandmother of that child.

It’s really hurting my heart not to see them. Three of them even babysat me so that’s how strong the bonds between us used to be. 😥


  • I know what you mean.

    I wish you could just tell them you want to hang out with them.

    I don’t have any cousins...but I haven’t seen friends from my school days in over 30 years.  And that’s pretty sad.
  • I hope that your relationship with your cousins will be renewed soon. Many of my friends have experienced  difficulties due to  covid. People are  affected  in different ways. I reach out to those I miss, ask them how they are doing and more often than not we pick up where we left off.❣
  • They still refuse to talk to me. I am convinced I’ll never talk to them again. I don’t even want to have a birthday celebration since they won’t be there. 😥
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