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Morning glare

firemonkeyfiremonkey Citizen
edited March 2021 in Mind and Body Wellbeing
Coping with the morning glare has been hard. I’ve had to screw my eyes to be able to use the laptop. Having my eyes wide open then is very difficult. I’d had a break from that for a few months.


  • It is rather a banal suggestion I know, but do sunglasses help?
  • It's not banal at all. I've not worn sunglasses for years. The last ones I had were clip ons.  It was picked up at my ADOS 2 assessment that I have strabismus in the right eye.
  • I get very depressed / stressed in late winter and springtime, with the increased sunlight and longer days.  I keep my monitor on the lowest brightness and I have blackout curtains everywhere in the house.   

    I'm already on countdown to summer solstice so I can relax again. 
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