Happy 80th John Lennon

John Lennon was born today october 9th 1940 in Liverpool England,UK
During a tragically short life he and his band "The Beatles" revolutionized rock N roll and music all together.He is survived by widow and 2nd wife Yoko Ono.

He was murdered by Mark Davis Chapman in 1980


  • Oh, my love!


  • Statest16Statest16 Citizen, Mentor

    I love a day in the life too
    my mother loved I want to hold your hand,I liked that one too

  • I'm a huge Beatles fan. I could name just about any song as my favourite.

    I even stayed in the Montréal hotel where he did the bed-in with Yoko.

  • @Isabella said:

    Oh, my love!


    I came across a forensic analysis about the song "Imagine" and Lennon's' actual lifestyle.
    Every principle in the song was shown to be an example of Lennon's hypocrisy. 😱

  • So I've heard, but I like his music. George is still my favourite.

  • @Isabella said:
    So I've heard, but I like his music.

    Lennon's hypocrisy spoiled the song "Imagine" for me. I will never see it the same again.

  • Not one of my favourites anyway but I see your point.

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