Most people here are animal lovers, so let's talk about the pets you have, had or would like to have. Post pictures or little stories if you want.

I usually have cats, although I've also had dogs and am considering some fish at the moment. I absolutely love lizards too.

These days, I have a Scottish Straight called Dexter, a cute and funny creature who makes the perfect companion for an insomniac like me. He's not the family cat, but a gift from my wife to help me move on from grieving for my last kitten.



  • I have 3 dogs with scattered ages so I will have 2 to fall back on. ;)

  • Post pics if you feel comfortable, otherwise what kind of dogs are they? I have a preference for larger breeds usually.

  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen

    I know I keep saying it Bender, but Im saying it again... Your cat has such a cute face, cuteness like that should come with a license.

  • Save_FerrisSave_Ferris Citizen, Member

    If money was no object I'd get an Eurasian lynx

  • They aren't pets, but I'd kill to have a Pallas cat ;)

  • Save_FerrisSave_Ferris Citizen, Member

    I disagree , they are exotic pets

  • I have just returned from visiting the cattery. I'm happy to announce that I have reserved a tiny little blue thing:

  • I love that baby girl!

    Congrats, Rolf!

  • Save_FerrisSave_Ferris Citizen, Member

    Congrats Wolf , are you still going for River?

  • Still pretty undecided. I'm thinking River was more suiited to the tortoiseshell than to this little one.Might still do, but not as set on it as before.

  • I like Whisper or Hush or something quiet for her. Arya.

  • Save_FerrisSave_Ferris Citizen, Member

    You might have to wait till she's at her new abode to decide

  • Save_FerrisSave_Ferris Citizen, Member

    My GF said from the photo she can tell it's a naughty cat lol

  • WolframWolfram Citizen
    edited October 2020

    @Isabella Whisper certainly is looking like a good candidate. Kind of undecided on whether to go swedish or english in that case. "Viskning" would make a good name, too.

    @Save_Ferris I have no doubt that there are cat-induced Shenanigans in my future. The deciding factor for the blue over the tortie was that blue seemed to be happy both playing alone and with her littermates, whilst the tortie went all-in with the social playing. Plus the breeders comment that the tortie is the most intelligent of the bunch, I expect she'd get bored being home alone in an apartment.

  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen

    Ahh I'm delighted for you, congratulations! Had she grown much since you last visited?

  • WolframWolfram Citizen
    edited October 2020

    Oh, a lot. Last time they all still kind of struggled to walk. This time it was full speed ahead. ALso got to witness some feline parenting: the mother came upstairs and decided it was time for the evening bath, and the kids weren't keen, so she had to wrestle them for it. One of the males hid behind a washing machine where mom couldn't get to him, so she uttered what I'm almost sure was a feline expletive. XD

  • Save_FerrisSave_Ferris Citizen, Member

    @Wolfram house cats can get bored but there are plenty of things to spend money on to entertain them - I reccommend a cat tree and the box the tree comes in will be just as entertaining. I always wanted to get a running wheel but they ain't cheap

  • That is all on the to-buy list. And same on the cat wheels.

    I work with the incoming mail in an office, so there will be no shortage of boxes. :D

    I didn't mean that a cat should never get bored, more that a particularly social and very intelligent specimen of an already very intelligent breed would probably find herself bored more often, and get particularly creative in her quest to alleviate boredom.

  • My cat used to sleep in MD's dresser drawer for the first few years. Or a suitcase if her door was shut.

  • Save_FerrisSave_Ferris Citizen, Member

    @Wolfram Wow just Wow , if I won the lottery I'd buy one. Mind you I'm allergic to cats so if one scratches me I come out in wheals , a Lynx scratch would probably kill me lol

  • One of my 50 million betas

  • My former and much beloved Maine Coon, Leo

  • Save_FerrisSave_Ferris Citizen, Member

    ^ <3

  • Bazinga! As a cat's name. 😎

  • I want a black female kitty named Ouiji.

  • Wow just Wow , if I won the lottery I'd buy one. Mind you I'm allergic to cats so if one scratches me I come out in wheals , a Lynx scratch would probably kill me lol

    Not sure not being allergic woul help all that much...

  • That's great news, Wolfram, this toy is very good to keep them entertained when you're not at home and it's not expensive.

    Kittens seem to love anything with feathers on it too, I have a bunch of something like this (he goes through them like there's no tomorrow)

  • Will definately get one of those track things. Also looking around for puzzle-type toys that you hide treats in.

  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    edited October 2020

    from my limited experience you can spend a lot of money on toy and better result can be achieved with simple items like sticky tape, shiny material, paper, etc.

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