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My autism diagnosis and intelligence have been called into question on this site. I have my diagnostic and WAIS-IQ papers ready to post here for any who have further doubt.


  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen

    Hi Ting
    Can you use the report/flag feature please?

  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen

    Deleted to protect your identity

  • HylianHylian Citizen, Mentor

    I don't think making multiple posts about this is appropriate, but I will say that after reading your posts I do agree that I don't like the obsession with detachment from emotion and relating emotion and faith with non-intelligence that seems rampant on another site and has slithered it's way here. It seemed like an insecure ego-jack off there and still feels like one here, which is very off putting.

  • ting1984ting1984 Citizen
    edited December 2020

    Thanks, but I'm leaving, this is my last post, I'm firm on the subject. This is no place for theists and I've requested the admins make this explicit in the rules required for the forum. It's clear he had no respect for me, doubted my autism diagnosis in several other posts, and mocked the intellect of theists, which the mods did nothing about. It's CLEAR I'm not welcome here. I get it. Isabella inviting me was a mistake. End of discussion.

  • Prometheus81Prometheus81 Citizen, Member

    You'll be missed. I thought you were a sweet, humble lady and envied your faith, even though I don't share it and probably never will.

  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen
    edited December 2020

    Two of the council members are Theists and female. What is stated above is simply not true, and a reaction to a disagreement with one member. Mods have to have time to act, which requires people to report the issues the first place, which requires context, e.g. flagging.

    It is not appropriate to spam to forum becuase you are upset. That is not a way to get resolution.

    In the rules/terms it states you should not complain of moderation if you have not reported the issue

    You have to allow time for us to respond.

  • verityverity Administrator, Citizen

    Such behaviour is also subject to moderation, whatever your background.

  • WolframWolfram Citizen
    edited December 2020

    I saw your first flag, but I stepped back and firgured I'd let our newly minted mod have a go at it. Please stop spamming in the flagging system. I will also note that some of the things you flagged were explicitly marked as jokes.

    I will also refer you to this section of the constitution:

    "It falls to all of us to help maintain an environment that promotes freethought, free discussion, freedom of speech and the freedom to express ourselves. Critique or criticise any idea, so long as the person presenting the idea does not become the target for your attack. We see a diversity of thought as paramount for real discussions, and as such we do not push or promote a particular view, nor do we suppress the views of others no matter how uncomfortable."

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