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Obligatory introduction.

Greeting all!

I'm no stranger to most of you I hope, but for the sake of why the hell not, I'm doing an introduction. I'm Wolfram, I'm a Swedish man of extraordinary handsomeness, unparalelled fragrancy and unsurpassed mental and martial prowess. I'm also exceedingly humble, and incapable of lying (especially on the internet). I recently turned 33, I'm single (and sporadically looking). I'm an autodidactically inclined polymath, with a wide range of topics of interest. I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at 19, but also have traits of ADD and/or ADHD.

In summary, I'm a nerd down to the clinical level, one lab accident away from being an actual super-villain, and world-domination is definitely on my bucket list.



  • That lab accident is usually called a cat :p

    Great intro, I'm very envious of your unparalleled fragrancy. How are you doing in the highballing department though?

  • AmityAmity Administrator, Citizen

    Lol, I am in awe of your humility... and recognise how lucky we are to have your fragrant self here!

  • Teach51Teach51 Citizen
    edited October 2020

    Hi I'm Teach 51,
    I am an ancient redhead from Israel who has many friends, students and family on the spectrum, including my recently diagnosed little grandson. I teach English, though my punctuation sucks and I have ADD. I am very outgoing and sociable (not autistic), I have a foul temper which is extremely difficult to rouse but once the beast is out run for your life. I work in a worldwide organization to promote peace and unity (I know..... ** what am I thinking **) Yes and I am an optimist, beware the red-headed optimist. I recently learned what an Oxford (Cambridge?) Comma is from Wolfram so there is still hope for my punctuation to improve. I do swear too much and have a very dirty mind, it's really the only way to be.
    So glad to be here. o:)

  • Save_FerrisSave_Ferris Citizen, Member

    Welcome Wolfram , pleased to make your nerdy acquaintance

  • Teach, I'm once again happy to see you :)

    Eyes the title suspiciously - so is this thing compulsory?

  • Teach51Teach51 Citizen
    edited October 2020

    It seems compulsory, I think that's an extremely good idea then people don't launch straight into " my blah blah husband is blah blah please help me!" lol gently does it.

  • Are you saying I'm not allowed to talk about my husband without making an introduction? :(

  • Totally, I am " the you can't post complaints about your neuro- diverse/ any husband
    without a formal introduction" guardian............... >:)

  • LOL but my husband is one of them demons NTs, and I have no complains about him either :p

  • IsabellaIsabella Citizen
    edited October 2020

    May I be the Grand Duchess of the "Don't call people thin-skinned snowflakes" movement?

  • Alright, but what do we call them when they're being thin-skinned?

  • Sensitive human beings? o:)

  • People ?

  • The irony is that most thin-skinned people have been through more crap than the others could even dream of.

    We have a thicker shell than all their skulls combined.

  • I wouldn't call it thin-skinned, I would call it enhanced emotional awareness, which is in itself a good thing, not a negative thing at all. Perhaps people who are emotionally obtuse are the ones with the problem, who need help?

  • 100% -- that's the irony.

  • IsabellaIsabella Citizen
    edited October 2020

    I don't even consider myself 'sensitive' except in the context of my senses (Sensory Processing Disorder).

    I'm not easily triggered. I have so much alexithymia that I don't feel sad, annoyed, or hurt easily.

    I do stand up to bullies and I can't stand injustice to me or anyone. I guess that's what they mean?

  • I think it is a person's inability to exit their own subjective sense of self and they measure everything they perceive according to that subjective perception. Their own sense of self is their measure of normality.

  • Are we derailing this thread at this embryonic stage Issy? lol

  • WolframWolfram Citizen
    edited October 2020

    Possibly, but it's my thread, so meh.

    It's not that I don't agree with you, to a point, but it's also that I've seen my share of cry bullies. An example: I once called a certain member on his habit of calling everything racist, and called him "woke" in the process. He decided to act as though I had just gravely insulted him. What would you call that?

  • I am lol. Sorry folks. My bad.

  • Hypocrisy ^^ :)

  • No doubt that, too,

  • Teach51Teach51 Citizen
    edited October 2020

    Wolfram, the person you referred to is extremely sensitive, it is possible that he has experienced racism first hand, it could also be the political environment that he lives in that dictates how everyone is categorized and "censored". People with post-trauma are easily triggered also.

  • What political environment does he live in?

  • Issy I also stand up to bullies and can't stand injustice, that's interesting. This is an enhanced awareness of bullying in my case due to my own personal history. It's like I am fighting now to compensate for what I was powerless to do as a child. To defend others when no-one was around to defend me.

  • Yup, me too. I can't deal with injustice, unfairness, double standards, hypocrisy, etc. especially against people who can't / won't / don't have the skills to defend themselves.

    My particular pet peeves are misandry, and people who don't allow others religious or philosophical freedom.

    The golden rule, basically.

  • I'm thinking maybe we shouldn't name people here? Most of the content is supposed to stay when the site goes public - just saying.

  • Thanks Bender.

  • WolframWolfram Citizen
    edited October 2020

    You'll have to forgive me if I find claims to this members exceptional sensitivity hard to take at face value. Calling everything racist/sexist is so much the woke modus operandi that it's practically a stereotype in itself at this point, and it's little more than crass moral posturing and attempting to get your presumed political opponent on the defensive from the start.

    And you are by no means the only one's who's had to deal with bullies and harbour extra contempt for that kind of behaviour.

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